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Effortlessly manage payroll and tax filing

Roll by ADP is a chat-based app that makes running payroll and filing taxes incredibly easy. Roll not only runs payroll in under a minute — it also files taxes automatically, calculates tax and withholdings for each employee, and allows changes at any time so you never have to worry about missing payday again.

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Payroll in just a few taps

No need to add payroll to your to-do list or block time off on your calendar. With Roll, it’s just a few swipes and taps — and viola! Payroll’s done. It’s faster, easier and so much more enjoyable than you ever thought payroll could be.

Payroll that can do it all

Manage payroll and taxes on the go – and on the job. See what Roll can do for you.

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Run payroll with a text

Enough said. Simply chat "Run payroll" and update any details needed — Roll will handle the rest in under a minute flat.

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Pay W-2 & 1099 workers

Pay who you want, what you want, when you want. Full-time, part-time, seasonal, or overtime: Roll does it all.

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Pay employees in all 50 states

Or people that live and work in different states — which not every payroll provider can do.

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Next-day direct deposit

Set payments that hit tomorrow, not 4 days from now. (Or send a check the same day if your employees are old school like that.)

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Feel confident in your payroll taxes

Payroll taxes can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right support. Thankfully, Roll by ADP takes the mystery out of payroll taxes for you.

Stress-free payroll tax filing

Roll takes care of calculating and filing your employee's tax withholdings so you can put your focus where you need it.

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Payroll tax filing done for you

Roll calculates, deducts, and pays all your taxes for you. This includes federal, state, and local taxes — so you can stop stressing.

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Easy payroll reporting

When it comes to payroll taxes specifically, Roll will send reports to you — and your accountant or bookkeeper — so you’ve got all your paperwork in order.

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Automated tax statements

Every January, Roll delivers tax statements for the previous year to employees and contractors — right in the app.

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Unlimited chat support

Live chat support means you can ask all of your burning payroll questions, and Roll will quickly answer.

Payroll tax 101

Each time a company runs payroll, all or a portion of the federal and state taxes the employee will ultimately pay each year are withheld — meaning the worker never actually sees those wages, which are immediately paid as tax.

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How much is payroll tax?

The amount of tax employees and employers must pay can be complicated, and varies from tax to tax and state to state. Federal income tax is tiered depending on income, meaning you pay a lower percentage on your income at first, and then pay a higher percentage on the money above that tier.

Roll loves payroll taxes. Federal, state, and local taxes are calculated, deducted, and paid for you — so you can stop stressing. This is even true for employees who live and work in different states. Not every payroll provider can do this, but Roll's got you covered.

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