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Getting started with Roll

How do I get started with Roll?
Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google PLAY Store. Roll guides you through the chat-based setup, which takes 15 minutes or less. That's it. You're set up. And, using Roll for payroll is as easy as sending a text — so no training is needed. Yes, it's that easy!
What information do I need to gather to use Roll?
To get started, have your Employer Identification Number (EIN), business banking account and routing number handy. For your employees make sure you have their name, address, phone, email, SSN, and hire date.
How do I add employees?
Easy — just chat hire employee and Roll will guide you through the process and invite your team to join you in the app!

Running payroll

How long will it take to run my payroll?
Under a minute! Seems crazy, right? But it’s not — because Roll gets to know your payroll and can predict and prefill the information for you.
How often can I pay my employees?
Unlimited payroll means there's no limit for the number of payrolls you can run in a week, month, or year. Need to run extra payrolls? Go for it. Roll doesn't limit you and we never charge you for extra payrolls.
Can I give raises with Roll?
Oh yeah! Anytime. Just chat “Give Brenda a raise” (or you know, whomever you want to reward for crushing it), answer a few simple questions, and boom. Brenda is one happy camper.
Do you offer payroll in my state?
Yes. Roll can pay anyone in the United States. We can even pay your team members who work and live in different states. In the age of remote work, this is more and more critical — but not every payroll provider can do this.
Can I run payroll from a mobile phone or tablet?
You bet! Roll is a mobile app. It's made for mobile because we know you're always on the go. You're welcome.
How do employees get paid?
The way they want to. Payment options include next-day direct deposit and same-day company check.
Does Roll offer next-day direct deposit?
Yes, for sure!
Can I pay employees and contractors?
Yes. Roll can pay everyone including W-2, 1099, full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers.

Employee self-service

Can my employees use the app?
Absolutely! We'll even send them an invite with instructions on how to download it and link their account with your business. And they can do everything from view their pay summaries to update their banking details just by chatting what they want to do to Roll.
How will my employees get their paystubs?
Employees can view their pay summaries and download their actual paystubs right in the app 24/7.

Subscription and billing

How much does Roll cost?
Get your first 3 months with Roll free! Then, Roll is only $29/month + $5/employee. Visit our Pricing page for more details.
Is there a free trial?
Yes! You can try Roll for free for 3 months. See Terms & Conditions.
How do I pay for Roll?
Roll deducts the fee from your company bank account each month.
Do I have to sign an annual contract?
No. We do, however, require 30 days' notice if you choose to cancel your account.
What features are included?
Payroll, of course! But also so much more. Explore all of Roll’s features, from payroll and tax filing, to intelligent assistance.
What if my number of employees changes throughout the year?
Roll bills monthly (which is awesome, right?!) — so you will not be charged the employee fee for employees who are not paid during a given month. And Roll is smart enough to know who got paid when, so there's no need to manually deactivate the employee yourself.

Taxes, witholding and compliance

Does Roll file payroll taxes for me?
Yes it does. Roll calculates your payroll taxes each pay period, files your taxes, and remits payment for you. All you have to do is run payroll.
Do you remit taxes for W-2s?
Yes. Roll files and remits payment for W-2s.
Do you remit taxes for 1099s?
No. 1099 filings have to be printed on special, government required paper, so you'll need to file 1099s yourself. Here's some information related to Forms 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income) and 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) and their instructions to help make it easy on you.
How do employees and contractors access their W-2s and 1099s respectively?
Easy! Tax statements are delivered to employees and contractors right in the app every January for the previous tax year. All they have to do is tap the notification that says, "Your year-end tax statement is ready" to view or print the downloadable PDF file containing all their tax information.

1099 Contractor

Can I use Roll if I only have contractors?
Yes. Roll supports all your payroll needs – W-2 employees, 1099 contractors, even owners who don't get paid. Whether your company has only one type of worker – or a mix of each, we’ve got you covered.
How do I hire contractors with Roll?
Easy! Just say, “Hire someone” and indicate the person will be a 1099 contractor. Then enter a few quick details and Roll will take care of the rest!
Can I pay contractors whenever I want instead of on a regular pay cycle schedule?
Of course! Just use our off-cycle payment feature available whenever you run payroll. Super easy, it’s the ultimate in payroll flexibility!
Can I pay contractors a fixed amount vs an hourly wage?
Sure thing! When adding them to the Roll system, you’ll be asked if they’ll be paid an hourly rate or flat rate. Simply select “Flat”, enter the fixed amount – and voila! they’ll be paid that amount, regardless of the hours worked. Piece of cake!


Does it integrate with QuickBooks?
Roll emails your payroll registers to you and your accountant or bookkeeper if you want us to. Roll does not currently integrate with QuickBooks but we are working on it

Security and privacy

How secure is Roll?
Very. With Roll by ADP, you get the ease, intelligence and delight of an innovative payroll app with the expertise, reliability and security of ADP, the biggest name in payroll.

Other Questions

Will I be able to view my pay statements on the app?
You bet! Roll sends you a notification when it’s payday. All you have to do is tap it to see your payment details. Or you can even chat, “Show me my paychecks” and Roll will give you links to your most recent pay statements on the spot!
Are payroll reports available with Roll?
Absolutely! After the close of each pay period, you’ll receive an email containing all payments and deductions in an Excel format. You can access this info from the app, too. Simply scroll down to the "Payroll prep" notification for the pay period you wish to view and tap it to see all the details.
Can I hire an out-of-state worker?
Of course you can! Just chat, “Hire someone”. Roll will even let you know if additional company-level tax information is needed based on their location by sending notifications to the app and your phone. Smart – and simple!
Can I use Roll on a desktop or laptop?
Yes, Roll is available for both. Once you sign into the mobile app, you'll see a scanner icon at the bottom of your screen. Just tap, scan – and voila! Instant big-screen access. Plus, the ability to run payroll (and keep up with other business demands) whenever – and wherever you like. How convenient is that?!
Can I pay bonuses with Roll?
Heck yeah! Anytime. Just chat, “Run payroll” and decide if you want to reward someone right now (off-cycle payment) or give them some extra cha-ching on top of their regular pay. Either way, it’s a few taps and you’re done.
Can I sign up if I already ran payrolls this year?
Yes. Just provide a few details and you’re good to go! ADP will automatically reflect any previous payroll payments and tax deductions you made for your employees or contactors on their year-end tax statements. Pretty sweet, huh?
Can I pay “off-cycle?”
Yep, it’s one of Roll’s most popular features! Whether you want to pay someone before the next regularly scheduled payday, give someone a bonus, or provide a final payout to someone who resigned or was terminated, all you have to do is chat, “Run payroll” and select an “off-cycle payment.” So easy!

Customer service

Who do I contact for help?
Roll! Just open the Roll app and send a chat.
What are your customer service hours?
Roll offers 24/7 live support.

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